Meet Our Staff

James P. Wahl | Avenue Animal Hospital, PC | Tinley Park, IL

James P. Wahl Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Wahl became a veterinarian in 1981 upon completing his undergraduate studies and then the veterinary medicine program at Iowa State University. He holds memberships in the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association, Illinois VMA, American VMA and the American Animal Hospital Association. After some 36 years in practice, he still loves helping and caring for both his animal patients and their owners.

Outside his practice, Dr. Wahl is married with two grown sons, one daughter-in-law and one granddaughter. He has one dog, Chloe, a 12-year-old Brittany Spaniel who is slowing down but is still hyperactive; and 4-year-old Princess Grey Kitty, who gives high fives to get petted. Dr. Wahl also enjoys golf, traveling and gardening.

Lauren Beaird | Avenue Animal Hospital, PC | Tinley Park, IL

Lauren Beaird Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Although she grew up loving animals, Dr. Beaird never had pets of her own. As a child she took in may orphaned animals and always dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. She subsequently completed both her undergraduate and veterinary medicine degrees at the University of Illinois at Champagne/Urbana and was graduated in May, 2015. She is a member of the American Animal Hospital Association, American Veterinary Medical Association, the Illinois State VMA and Chicago VMA. Among her many skills she values the importance of educating clients on the importance of preventative medicine and how clients bond with their companion pets.

Dr. Beaird is the oldest of four girls and was recently married to her husband, Brian. They have one dog, Finn, who enjoys stand-up paddle boarding with his owner. In her spare time Dr. Beaird loves to spend time outside walking, spending time at her family’s lake home, or back-packing through our nation’s National Parks.

Matthew Mottel  | Avenue Animal Hospital, PC | Tinley Park, IL

Matthew Mottel Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Mottel joined the team at Avenue Animal Hospital after practicing for 3 1/2 years at a busy 24-hour animal hospital in the Chicago suburbs. He received his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2013. His clinical year rotations were completed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine. Go Badgers! Dr. Mottel has special interest in surgery, emergency medicine, neurology, and dentistry. As the newest member of the veterinarian staff, he is excited to continue the Avenue Animal Hospital mission in providing quality healthcare for your pets with the highest standards of compassion.

Growing up in the western suburbs of Chicago, he is a big fan of the Blackhawks and Bears. Outside of practice, he plays in a weekly hockey league and during the winter months you can find him spending as much time in the snow as he is an avid alpine skier. Dr. Mottel shares his home with a black Labrador Retriever named Bauer. He is also busy planning his wedding and working on completing the final touches on his house to welcome his fiancé and her Chihuahuas after the wedding.

Kim Gignac | Avenue Animal Hospital, PC | Tinley Park, IL

Kim Gignac – Practice Manager

Kim Gignac has been a member of the Avenue Animal Hospital staff since August of 2013. Kim’s specialty is using her compassion and love for animals and humans with her management skills and gift of gab to help build relationships with clinic clients, which is also her favorite part of the job. She uses her 25+ years of management experience to keep the clinic running smoothly and focusing on personal and friendly service.

Kim and her husband Steve have been married 30 years and have two grown daughters. Their nest isn’t totally empty, as they have two four-legged family members, including a ragdoll cat named Woodstock and a Husky mix named Linus. She has many interests, including cooking and entertaining, music, spending time with her family and friends, and volunteering at her church and other civic organizations. (And if you want to start a fun conversation with Kim, ask her to see a picture of her new grandson!)

Christine | Avenue Animal Hospital, PC | Tinley Park, IL

Christine – Head Certified Vet Tech

Christine knew she wanted to work with animals in some capacity at a very young age. She officially started to work on her goal in high school, then enrolled in the Joliet Junior College Veterinary Technician Program. She was graduated with high honors in 2002 and has now worked at Avenue Animal Hospital some 15 years. Christine has multiple and various duties head CVT and lead surgical CVT at AAH. In addition to the “normal” CVT duties, Christine also helps keep the daily surgical schedule on pace and ensures that the clinic’s supplies and inventory are up to date.

Away from work Christine works along with her husband caring for their two children, a 15-year-old cat, Sammy, and a newly acquired guinea pig name Rizzo. Any spare time after that is focused on RV camping, swimming, listening to music and having fun with her children.

Chrissy | Avenue Animal Hospital, PC | Tinley Park, IL

Chrissy – Client Care Specialist

Chrissy has worked at Avenue Animal Hospital since 2000 and has always loved animals. She especially enjoys greeting clients as they come through the door and seeing happy puppies and kitties. She also helps schedule appointments and does her best to answer questions and help with any problems clients might have.

Chrissy has been married for some 19 years to her husband, Charlie, who is an experienced bagpiper. She has also always had a cat. Her current pet’s name is Norman, who is a lap cat that Chrissy has taught to ring a bell when he wants catnip. Chrissy enjoys bowling and has participated in a bowling league for the past 11 years in Tinley Park.

Amber | Avenue Animal Hospital, PC | Tinley Park, IL

Amber – Technician

Amber became a CVT because she has always had a passion and “obsession” for caring for animals. She was also graduated from the Veterinary Technician Program at Fox College, in 2015. Her duties at Avenue Animal Hospital include everything from drawing blood to assisting in surgery. She very much enjoys providing therapy, endoscopy procedures, supporting a fear free practice and the connection she has with the pets and their owners.

Away from work Amber lives with her fiancé, Kevin, and a spunky cat, Annabelle, a domestic short haired cat who loves to eat, play and cuddle with whomever is available. Amber also loves to shop, dance “like no one is watching,” and listen to country music. She also loves to cook and admits to enjoying singing in the shower!

Sarah – CVT | Avenue Animal Hospital, PC | Tinley Park, IL

Sarah – Certified Vet Tech

Sarah wanted to work in the veterinary field since childhood. She took several related classes in high school and then enrolled in the Vet Tech Institute at Fox College, from which she was graduated in 2013. As a CVT, Sarah has multiple roles and tasks, including directly assisting the veterinarians with exams and related diagnostic, surgical processes and care procedures. She enjoys caring for healthy, sick and recovering surgery patients.

Sarah has two “goofy” pets of her own – 5-year-old Basset Hounds named Riley and Daisy. And in her spare time she loves to listen to music, attend festivals and go to concerts (heavy metal is her favorite!).

Stacey | Avenue Animal Hospital, PC | Tinley Park, IL

Stacey – Certified Vet Tech

Stacey also was graduated from Fox College and received her CVT degree in 2011. Her CVT duties include assisting the veterinarians during exams and surgeries, obtaining and running lab work, and preparing vaccines and other medications clinic clients will need.

When not taking care of pets and clients at the clinic, Stacy is a mom to one-year-old Nora. Stacy also enjoys playing video games or attending heavy metal concerts. She has the unofficial title of biggest Chicago Blackhawks fan at the clinic. Even her wedding had a Blackhawks theme and included a replica of the Stanley Cup and Blackhawks ice sculpture.

Tiffany | Avenue Animal Hospital, PC | Tinley Park, IL

Tiffany – Certified Vet Tech

Tiffany has always had a strong love for animals. After completing her general courses at Moraine Valley Community College, Tiffany enrolled at the Vet Tech Institute at Fox College, and was graduated in 2014. As a CVT, she also assists the veterinarians in all aspects of animal examinations, diagnostics, surgical assistance and routine care.

Tiffany has two pets at home, a miniature dachshund named Penelope, who is a very energetic pup, and an adopted turtle, who enjoys basking under a heat lamp, swimming and eating. Tiffany also enjoys hiking, attending various festivals and races, crafting, fishing and cooking.

Lindsay | Avenue Animal Hospital, PC | Tinley Park, IL

Lindsay - Certified Vet Tech

As a little girl, helping animals was always a passion for Lindsay. She eventually studied veterinary technology at Fox College in Tinley Park, where she was graduated in 2015 She uses her skills to assist the doctors in the exam rooms, doing lab work, starting IVs and monitory patients during surgery.

Lindsay is married and has a 3-year-old son. She also has two dogs, Jayden, an 8-year-old lab mix; Soldier, a 9-yearold Norwegian Elk Hound, and a cat, Gabby, who is an 11-year-old domestic short haired cat who loves to be brushed. Any spare time Lindsay has is spent hanging out with friends, shopping and swimming.

Becky | Avenue Animal Hospital, PC | Tinley Park, IL

Becky – Technician

Becky knew she loved animals and helping others at a very early age. So she attended Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, where she not only completed her undergraduate degree but achieved a Master’s Degree in Science. She currently works as a Veterinary Technician assisting the clinic veterinarians in all aspects of animal care, from helping hold animals during exams to routine diagnostics and more complex medical procedures. But she also hopes to continue her education and become a veterinarian as well.

Becky grew up in the Midwest and always had German Shepherds, to which she feels a special kinship. She currently cares for Josie, a 7-year-old female who loves to eat and swim, and Bear, a 7 year-old male who is shy one minute and sharing his toys the next. She also enjoys hiking, fishing, baking and reading.

Shelby | Avenue Animal Hospital, PC | Tinley Park, IL

Shelby – Client Care Coordinator

Shelby become an Avenue Animal Hospital client care specialist after a learning about the opening while eating pizza with a friend. She has 29 years of customer service experience, loves animals and building relationships with clients and still learns something new almost every day. Her lead position as coordinator keeps the daily tasks of our front desk team running smoothly.

Shelby has been married some 20 years to her husband, Don. They have two sons, two daughters and seven pets, which include five cats and two dogs. The cats include George (aka Tubby); Boots (aka Momma), E-Walk (aka Monster), Tuxedo (aka Tux), and Ashley (aka Little Momma), who sucks her tail to fall asleep. Saydee is a 7-year-old Mastiff, and Finley is a 1-year-old French Mastiff who loves to smile. All seven of the pets were rescue animals. If there is any extra time, the family loves to fish or go hiking at Starved Rock State Park.

Sue – Client Care Specialist

Sue had a passion for animals since childhood and enjoys being a CCS at Avenue Animal Hospital because it allows her to “do what I love,” and that is animal welfare and rehab. The Chicago native, who has lived in Tinley Park 30 years, is one of three client care specialists available to assist and care for the clients and pets when they arrive or leave the clinic.

Sue is married and has three children, two of which are grown and out of the house, and one still in college. She also has five pets of her own – Milo, boss of the house at age 14; Redmond, 4, a perfect foster mother for her “foster puppies;” Raelin, also 4, a“Velcro dog” (she never leaves my side); Sophie, age 7, “mother-hen to the entire group;” and Harmony, 9 months, who is just a bundle of energy. Aside from pet care, Sue enjoys travel and yoga with friends.

Danyahl | Avenue Animal Hospital, PC | Tinley Park, IL

Danyahl - Technician

Brooke | Avenue Animal Hospital, PC | Tinley Park, IL

Brooke - Client Care Specialist/Technician