Fear-Free Animal Hospital


At Avenue Animal Hospital, we understand that going to the vet can be a stressful experience for your pet and can cause them to feel anxious and upset. That’s why our staff has made it a priority to become Fear-Free certified. That means we have undergone special training to ensure that your pet feels at ease, every time they come to our office. From our gentle treatment of your pet to the way we have organized and set up our office to create a soothing environment, we do everything we can to make going to the vet a positive experience.

  • Keeping felines and canines in separate waiting rooms and exam rooms
  • Offering products containing comforting pheromones that you can give to your pet to help them feel safe
  • Playing music designed to help your pet feel calm providing delicious treats
  • Placing mats on exam tables to prevent your pet from slipping and to help them feel more secure
  • And more!

We want each and every pet to feel comfortable, happy, and right at home while in our care, and our team is committed to doing everything we can to ensure your pet’s has a fear-free visit! Call us today at 708-532-3866 to learn more!