Our Staff

Christine, Practice Manager – Certified Veterinary Technician


Christine has been a member of the Avenue family since December 2001. She graduated and received her CVT license from Joliet Junior College in 2001. Her favorite thing about veterinary medicine is being able to support and manage the health of furry, non-verbal patients. “Being able to make them feel better when they are feeling down and not themselves is a great feeling to have,” she says, “In turn, you can see the help it provides not only the patients, but the owner that relies on their pet for emotional support. In particular, she loves the close, family-like atmosphere at Avenue. She calls them her “non-blood family!”

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time doing outdoor activities such as swimming, bike riding, and antique car shows with her husband Mikey, daughter, Kaitlyn, and son Toby. She also enjoys spending time with her two English Bulldogs, Bambina and Queen, their three Ferrets, Noodle, Snickers, and Casper and their 2 Axolotls, Zigwee and Squishy. She is a LOVER of English bulldogs! Last fun fact, Christine loves spending time with her husband by working on their antique/show/race cars.

Jacquelyn, Head Certified Veterinary Technician

Jackie began her career at Avenue Animal Hospital in April 2018 shortly after graduating from Fox College. She became certified in December 2020. Her favorite thing about AAH is the family atmosphere. The feeling of acceptance she receives while working motivates and enables her to continue learning in the field every day. Each day is different and that is something she thoroughly enjoys. Jackie enjoys arts and crafts, gaming, gardening, researching/learning how to become a beekeeper, reading, and enjoys spending time outside in her free time. She has two cats, a DMH named Sorcha and a DSH, Juju. She also has an Australian Cattle dog named Yogi.

Growing up, she had various pets including various species of fish, anoles (lizards), dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, rats, frogs, toads, cockatiel, and a parrotlet!

Stacey, Certified Veterinary Technician

Stacey joined the Avenue family in August 2014. She graduated from Fox College in May 2011 and received her license in August of the same year. She started working in veterinary medicine because in her opinion, it is the most rewarding professions. Seeing a sick pet one day and seeing them return for a recheck where they are back to their normal selves is a really good feeling. She loves working with the team at Avenue because they share the same passions that she does. She loves the relationships that she has built with her coworkers. It is a tight knit crew that treats each other like family. 

Outside of work she enjoys playing Xbox and hanging out with friend and her husband jack, daughter Nora, son Nash, and her chihuahua mix Tater Tot. She is looking forward to helping take care of your pets!

Ashley, Certified Veterinary Technician

Ashley joined the Avenue family in August 2019. She graduated from Joliet Junior College in May of 2016 and became certified in July 2016. She went into veterinary medicine because she loves to help animals and make a difference. She specifically loves Avenue for the friendly, positive environment that feels like a family.

Outside of work, she enjoys playing board games, making crafts, and spending time with her American Staffordshire terrier, Jasper. She is excited to work with your pets!

Samantha, Certified Veterinary Technician

Samantha has been a member of the Avenue team since September 2020. She graduated from Fox College in May 2020, and received her license in late August 2020. She went into veterinary medicine because she loves to help all the animals that come in. She loves to work at Avenue because of the kind and knowledgeable team that she is surrounded with. 

Outside of work, she enjoys playing video games and spending time outdoors. She also enjoys spending time with her two dogs: Teddy and Boomer, and three cats: Boo, Jellybean, and Snickers.

Helen, Certified Veterinary Technician


Helen graduated from the Vet Tech Institute at Fox College in June 2020. She received her license shortly after and started at Avenue Animal Hospital in November 2020. Her favorite things about veterinary medicine are helping patients when they aren’t feeling their best and getting to speak with her clients when they come in. Being able to interpret what an animal is communicating helps her assist the veterinarians in reaching a diagnosis. Working alongside welcoming and friendly staff and clients helps her provide extraordinary care.

Outside of work, Helen enjoys reading, bird watching, and the occasional movie night. She also enjoys spending time with her dogs, Nugget and Coco, and her cat, Juju.

Kait, Certified Veterinary Technician

Jessica, Veterinary Technician

Jessica joined the Avenue family in October 2020. She began working in the vet industry because she loves the feeling she gets when she can help an animal in need. She loves how everyone works together at Avenue. Everyone works together and truly cares about the animals. The whole team is knowledgeable and very friendly. 

Outside of work, Jessica enjoys hanging out with her friends, family, and her two rescue pups Jaba, a 10-year-old Schnauzer mix, and Tipsy, a 7-year-old Maltese mix. She also enjoys going off roading and spending time outside when the weather is nice!

Aryana, Veterinary Technician

Aryana began her career at Avenue Animal Hospital in February 2023, but dabbled in the ER setting prior to coming to AAH. She graduated from Fox
College in 2022 and is planning on taking her VTNE to become a Certified Technician. Her favorite thing about Avenue Animal Hospital is the family atmosphere and the client communication. She especially enjoys talking to clients about their loved ones and the breed they own. Client communication and interaction motivates her in this field and makes her happy.

Outside of work, Aryana enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends and attending family parties. She enjoys watching romance movies and teenage drama tv shows, and most importantly she loves snuggling up next to her family pets; a 1-year-old Miniature Goldendoodle, Leia and her 6- year-old behavioral Schnauzer mix, Coby.

Lily, Veterinary Technician

Neveen, Veterinary Assistant

Marilyn, Veterinary Assistant

Marilyn has been a member of the Avenue family since August 2019. Her favorite part about veterinary medicine is helping your fur babies and keeping them healthy. She particularly loves her team at Avenue because of their care and compassion for pets, and the morals the team stands for. 

Outside of work she enjoys hiking, climbing, traveling, and is always looking for a new adventure. She enjoys binge watching the show Criminal Minds, photography, photo editing, meditating and yoga. She also enjoys spending time with her son, Luke, and beagle mix, Harrison. She can’t want to see you and your pets!

Jillean, Office Manager

Cindy, Client Care Specialist

Cindy has been a member of the Avenue family since October 2017. She has been working in administrative roles in the veterinary industry since 1990. She loves the veterinary industry! She loves that she gets to help take care of the pets that bring so much love, joy, and fun to their owners. The best part of working at Avenue is the camaraderie between coworkers and you, the great clients. 

Over the years Cindy has had a dog and three cats, but now she has two cats: her boy Pippen and girl Punky who were both adopted the summer of 2015. Outside of work she enjoys watching TV and movies, reading, gardening, and spending time with her family whenever she can! She is excited to meet you and your family!

Katie, Client Care Specialist

Keonye, Client Care Specialist/Veterinary Technician

Hi! My name is Keonye. My love for animals started at the young age of 5 and ever since then has grown abundantly. I’ve always had the passion to
care for animals, throughout high school I had the pleasure to volunteer at south suburban humane society. From there I knew I had to take to take my
education and love for animals further. I am a recent graduate from Fox College. My favorite thing about working at Avenue is building relationships
with each patient that comes through the door, learning something new every day, and providing care for your fur babies.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with family & friends, traveling, shopping, trying new restaurants, exploring the outdoors, and being at home with my dog Mulan (Bully XL) and 3 lizards Ponyo (leopard gecko), Pikachu (Leopard gecko) and, last but not least, Echo (Uromastyx).